Trucks & Spotter Cars

All trucks are equipped with GPS and internet enabled laptops for real-time updates and reporting.


Recovery Database Network, Inc. ("RDN") is a specialized provider of software and data solutions related to the recovery of assets for the automotive finance industry in the United States. The Recovery Management Database System, Powered by RDN is an efficient, centralized, neutral, on-line recovery management and communications software application. 


Digital Recognition Network (DRN) is a data company exclusively focused on data derived from vehicles. By recovering, storing and grouping data on vehicle location, where vehicles go and who drives them, DRN is able to provide value to clients to help them make better, more profitable decisions.

An industry pioneer in vehicle asset location technology and services, DRN fuels a national network of more than 550 Affiliates employing mobile license plate recognition technology that gathers the data we provide to our clients. Because this technology is used in every major metropolitan area in the United States, DRN captures data on more than 50 million vehicles each day.

With more than 700 million data points gathered to date, DRN has the largest vehicle location database in existence. We are proud to maintain strict standards for privacy, compliance, and data integrity.

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