All recovery trucks and spotter cars are equipped with cameras in and out out on all our equipment as well as GPS and internet enabled laptops / tablets for real-time updates, reporting and employee location.

CAMERA CAR (license plate recognition vehicle)
Reliable Recovery Services, LLC. has several camera cars with LPR that run day & night gathering license plate numbers, and matching them up with the historical plates we have stored in a database. Our vehicle location plate recognition has revolutionized the auto recovery industry by helping lenders recover more vehicles.

What is License Plate Recognition (LPR)?
License plate recognition(“LPR”), is a software that can detect, read, and store video of a vehicles license plate. Used primarily in apartment complexes, parking lots and gated security entrances, this allows the camera to capture a license plate number which is then compared to a database.

How LPR Works
License plate recognition works when our camera car captures video of a vehicle’s license plate and then either stores it for later review or runs the image through our video analytics software to compare it to a database of stored license plate numbers.
If our database finds a match, our system is set up to send us alerts. These alerts are then sent to our email or mobile phone, allowing us to know instantly, from anywhere, if our system finds something.

Reliable Recovery Services is a RDN full user
Recovery Database Network, Inc. (“RDN”) is a specialized provider of software and data solutions related to the recovery of assets for the automotive finance industry in the United States. The Recovery Management Database System, Powered by RDN is an efficient, centralized, neutral, on-line recovery management and communications software application.